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A Highly Immersive Program Designed to Amplify Your Thinking, Keep Top Talent, Accelerate Growth, Transform Your Future, and 10X Your Personal and Financial Freedom 

Join Aaron Marcum, author of EntreThrive, Founder of Homecare Pulse and wildly successful serial entrepreneur, on an accelerated journey to exponential financial freedom, while working less in your home care business.

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Learn how to transform your life by leveraging the Entrepreneur’s Eight Laws to accelerate financial freedom while creating your best life

Breakaway Accelerator System
Breakaway Accelerator System

Review the five Breakaway Mindsets to keep top talent, accelerate growth, transform your future and 10x your financial freedom in 24 months

Breakaway Accelerator Masterclass
Breakaway Accelerator System Masterclass

Hear directly from Aaron Marcum as he explains the Breakaway concept and shares how he built his Good Life – a life of purpose and abundance – and you can too!

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These are the Top 5 Challenges we solve

Challenge 1
#2. Getting high-quality customers who pay more
#3. Scaling confidently without breaking systems, losing people or running out of cash
#4. Implementing systems that people follow
#5. Working less, earning more and having an exit strategy

More Home Care Agency Staffing Realities


Office Staff Turnover


of Pro Caregivers who leave in the first 12 months, do so within 90 days


Turnover cost per home care worker

Keeping the right office staff and care professionals is more important than finding them!

Aaron Marcum

Welcome to Aaron Marcum’s

Breakaway Home Care Accelerator Logo

A highly impactful and immersive program designed to guide you and your team towards accelerated growth, which requires:

The Right Breakaway Vision
The Right Breakaway Strategies
The Right Breakaway Accountability
The Right Breakaway Guides, who have already been to the top of the mountain you’re trying to climb

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What you achieve with the Breakaway Accelerator Method

Breakaway Secret #1

Your home care business will never grow beyond your thinking!

Breakaway Secret #2

Keeping the right office staff and care professionals is more important than finding them.

Breakaway Secret #3

Accelerated growth is only available to those willing to let go of everything that slows them down…

Breakaway Secret #4

If you truly want to transform and find the path to the four Freedoms, only invest in expert guides who live on that path.

Breakaway Secret #5

You can create a life of abundance while working less.


Deep connections that 10X personal and professional growth

Why Listen to Us?

Aaron Marcum and his team bring a toolset of capabilities, unrivaled by anyone in the home care industry, represented in the wheel below.

The Breakaway Accelerator Ecosystem

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Margaret Haynes

“Taking responsibility for our well-being is the key to changing the world. Aaron provides a roadmap to resilience, purpose, and a thriving life. By first nurturing peace and clarity within, we can rise renewed; focused leaders equipped to drive meaningful change in business and society at large.”

– Margaret Haynes, CEO, Right at Home
Todd Austin

“Aaron is predictable in his words and actions, and we translated that into our processes. And it allowed the ship to still be sailing when Aaron returned from his 7-week sabbatical. We may have hit a few icebergs, but we didn’t sink without him. Aaron inspires the team and fosters a phenomenal culture keeping everyone motivated and united.”

– Todd Austin, President & COO, Home Care Pulse
Erik Madsen

“Aaron and Breakaway Accelerator are beacons of hope, light, and inspiration in the sometimes tumultuous seas of home care. The concepts and principles you will learn from Aaron will help you navigate those stormy seas on your journey towards freedom.”

– Erik Madsen, EOSI, former COO of Home Care Pulse
Peter Ross

“One of Aaron’s greatest skills is to understand your business’ data, analyze it and then make course corrections. He’s a true strategist.”

– Peter Ross, CEO & Co-Founder – Senior Helpers and Town Square

Aaron Marcum’s Journey

With over 20 years in the Home Care sector, I founded and scaled award-winning, multi-million-dollar companies that have positively impacted the lives of thousands throughout North America.

Aaron Marcum

“I took a 7-week sabbatical and the business grew!”


Started first home care business


Founded Home Care Pulse®, now the largest data analytics in the industry


Founded the Best of Home Care® awards, positively impacting thousands of lives

Founded the Home Care Benchmarking® Study


Took a 7-week Sabbatical and then stepped down as CEO

Became a Certified EOS Implementer


Sold Home Care Pulse, a 10X Exit


Became an Investor in the home care space


Completed Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from Penn


Authored Bestseller, EntreThrive

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